SO DROP is a call for projects, under the artistic direction of Sophie Larger, to imagine an object from Drop® Cake, the new material created by Procédés Chénel International.The Drop® Cake is made from 60% Drop paper waste and 40% polyethylene waste.

Twenty creations were imagined solo or in duo by Alban Gilles + Vincent Tordjman, Alix Delmas, Anne Xiradakis, An- ne-Hélène Temenides, Aurélie Mathigot, Clara + Clémence, Florence Doléac, Laurent Godart, Lauriane Beaunier + Au- rélien Veyrat, Marco Mencacci, Marianne Guedin, Nicolas Verschaeve, Pierre Charrié, Roméo Shultz, Soizick Berthelot + Nicolas Profit, Soline D’Aboville, Susel Aleman Legra + Alba Diaz Strum.

The creators have had three months to experiment and push the limits of the material.
20 different approaches to imagine relevant and unexpected applications of the Drop® Cake.

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