Design Grégoire Borach

The InfraSystem® is a patented constructive system for creating tubular structures using simple, replicable multidirectional connectors. The InfraSystem® is a spatial creation tool, a generator of space products called Infras (InfraWall, InfraRoom, InfraCorner etc.).
- Cardboard tubes . Inner diameter 76 mm. Outside diameter 88 mm. Maximum length 2.40 m. Re-usable. Recyclable.
- Drop®Paper. Non-woven cellulose, polyester and fiberglass. Fire-retardant M1, B1, Class 1, NFPA 701. Interior use. Upcyclable.
- Steel cables and turnbuckles . Pre-assembled parts. Re-usable. Recyclable.
- Multidirectional connectors in bendable material.. Pre-assembled and engraved parts. Re-usable. Recyclable.

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