Lycée Edouard Branly de Dreux

The Clowns come out of the Mystery box

The mystery box and its transformation into Clown Masks.

Terminale STD2A - 2019

Edouard Branly High School in Dreux

Initiative led by Marion Breton, Vincent Cochereau and Julien Beauget.

Two awards were given:

• Award for the best vaorization of paper

• Award for the best reinterpretation of the image of a clown

32 clown masks were made representing different emotions (fatigue, anger, hysteria, joy, love ...)

• An impressive recovery of drop paper waste

• A student day at the Procédés Chénel showroom

• A jury made up of members of Clowns Sans Frontières and Procédés Chénel

• A snack and award ceremony